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Bitcoin Art by Steven Michaels

Many of my works double as a “paper wallet” and others contain a unique puzzle which, if solved, can unlock bitcoins on the blockchain. You would have to destroy the artwork if you attempt to reveal the puzzle and you are likely to destroy the puzzle itself in the process. This would void my buy-back guarantee so I don’t recommend it! Instead, enjoy the art, build a collection, trade it, or sell it back to me in the future.

Buy-back Guarantee

I believe that fine art can be enjoyed and appreciated without financial risk. When you buy one of my pieces you can enjoy it as long as you wish and then return it, in resaleable condition, at any time for full trade-in credit or I will gladly buy it back from you as follows:


Buy-backs shall be in the amount of the original, dollar-denominated purchase price less a 3% restocking fee. I buy and sell via bitcoin but you will find private collectors/traders that buy and sell for dollars in our Collector’s Forum.


This Buy-back Guarantee is transferrable to third parties should you sell your art to another person provided you register the transfer in my Owner Registry.


Not ready to take delivery? No problem, I can store your art up to one year at no charge.