Maha Advisors Launches Maha Digital Core Crypto Market Index

Maha Digital Core (MDC) is a cap weighted Laspeyres index that tracks the return of the cryptocurrency market. Comprised of 57 digital assets, the MDC Index constitutes more than 90% of the total market capitalization for free-floating crypto assets. In order to provide an unbiased view of the market, Maha Digital Core is weighted purely based off of current market capitalization.

The current MDC Index value aggregates price data across all crypto exchanges and is re-calculated every five minutes based on current market prices and changes in circulating supply. With more than five years of historically back-tested data, Maha Digital Core aims to serve as the most complete view of the crypto market for investors and academics alike.

Maha Advisors focuses on two key verticals: providing operational and deal structuring advice to our partners, and capital markets access to emerging business.

The New Kid on The Block

Charting the crypto market is not an easy task. But we believe that Maha nailed it with this innovative approach they have taken creating the MDC Index.

Maha Digital Core Chart

What we really like about the MDC Index is their analytical and academic approach to the markets as they integrate many advanced features into their index including:

  • Is a Laspeyres Index.
  • 57 Digital Assets.
  • Participation qualifications.
  • Recalculated every five minutes.
  • Weighted purely off market cap.
  • Constitutes 90% of the market cap.

From an investor’s perspective, a 10% growth in this number does not necessarily translate to a 10% return on their investment.

Darius Avens – Principle

The Maha Digital Core Index was created based on the belief there is a gap that remains to be filled within the growing crypto ecosystem. While total market capitalization is a good measure of market growth, this number is subject to constant inflation from mining activities and the issuance of new tokens. From an investor’s perspective, a 10% growth in this number does not necessarily translate to a 10% return on their investment. While traders and researchers often circumvent this issue by analyzing the price of a single asset, Bitcoin, recent growth in the blockchain space has rendered this metric insufficient. Bitcoin now constitutes just half of the total free-floating market capitalization, and it is inaccurate to base investment performance off this single number alone.

In Conclusion

The Maha Digital Core Index aims to fill this gap and serve as a benchmark for investment return across all crypto assets. Constructed using a chain-weighted Laspeyres model and guided by a simple market cap weighted approach, MDC provides an inflation resistant objective metric for the overall performance of crypto markets. With five years of historically back-tested data and live data updated every five minutes, this index will serve as a valuable tool for investors and researchers alike.

For more information visit Maha Advisors at http://www.mahaadvisors.com

Meet the team at Maha Advisors.

Christopher is a Managing Partner of Maha Advisors.  Before forming Maha Advisors, he was a Principal and founding member of Sansar Capital Management, a $4 billion hedge fund with investments concentrated in Asia Pacific.

Darius is a Principal at Maha Advisors, where he devotes his time to analyzing early stage blockchain based companies and researching the venture capital landscape. As an early adopter and active participant in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Darius brings more than 5 years of experience in the blockchain space.

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