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So I ran into an old friend today…

My wife and I were out for lunch at a local restaurant when we ran into an old neighbor. After the usual “catching up” I could tell he was anxious to tell me something when he finally couldn’t resist it any more.

     “Do remember that bitcoin you gave me a few years ago?”

     “I don’t remember.” I replied as I racked my brain.

     “Yeah, you remember, it was four years ago when Sharon and I came over for dinner and you were telling us all about bitcoin,” he continued excitedly, “you even gave me some, it was a dollar’s worth.”

I vaguely remembered the evening they came over.

     “Look” he said as he pulled out his phone, “look how much it’s worth now…”

To my amazement, that single dollar’s worth of bitcoin was showing a current value of $143!

Ever since I first heard about bitcoin in 2011, I was giving away small amounts to anyone who would listen. Like today, I saw it as a way for people to break free from a rigged financial system which stole their money through inflation and perpetual debt. Most people just looked at me like I was crazy and I suspect that most of them lost or forgot about the bitcoins soon after. I can only imagine how much bitcoin has been lost in this manner – which will never be recovered.

With my friend, I was shocked that he had still kept it over the past four years – even after changing phones. Back then, for simplicity, I was using the web wallet (no longer supported) because it was easy to get the other person to load and bookmark the page and I could send them bitcoin instantly. We didn’t have apps back then.

When he opened the EasyWallet bookmark I quickly showed him how to move the bitcoins to a safer wallet.

As we wrapped up our chat he finished with, “I hope you sold yours and cashed out because bitcoin is risky”.

Some people will never get it.

I “cashed out” a long time ago when I moved my money out of dollars and into bitcoin.

What will you be holding four years from now?

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