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Another Bitcoin Success Story

Today I received a phone call from a friend thanking me for helping her get into bitcoin and here’s her story:

I met Nicole through a mutual friend about 2 1/2 years ago in December of 2014. She had contacted me because she had heard about bitcoin and asked for my help. At the time, bitcoin was trading for about $375 and I helped her get about $13,000 worth.

These bitcoins are now worth over $90,000. That is a 633% return in two and a half years!

Fast-forward to this week when she called asking to help find her a private buyer as she wanted to sell a little and put a brand new deck in her back yard. She was excited that she could now build the deck that she always wanted but was never able to.

I helped her out and, best of all, she didn’t have to sell very many coins. She still has a tidy sum which she is saving for retirement. I can only imagine what that next phone call will be like in a few more years.

Do you have a bitcoin success story? I’d love to write about it. Please send it to me (with your name changed of course) and I will share it on my site.

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