A Fun Way To Trade

As an artist I’ve created a fun way to trade and accumulate bitcoin while showcasing my art. First, you need to get some bitcoin (I explain how below). Next, buy one or more pieces of my art. They are priced in dollars but payment must be made in bitcoin. You can take delivery or you can leave it stored with me for up to one year at no charge. You can sell the art back to me at any time for the original dollar price (less a 3% restocking fee) and I pay in bitcoin. By collecting and trading my art you are also trading bitcoin.

How to get bitcoin

Visit the Collector’s Forum and find someone to sell you one of my works for your national currency. You can then sell the artwork to me for bitcoin and begin trading between the two.

How to “cash out”

If you need bitcoin just sell the art back to me. If you need national currency, you can visit my Collector’s Forum  and sell the artwork to another collector who will often pay a premium because they do not have the bitcoin to buy it directly from me.